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Tax consultants in Graz and Köflach

Having the right partner makes everything easier—and this is especially true for companies and their tax representation. We would like to use our competence and experience to contribute to your economic success.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, individual, farmer or freelance professional, a startup or party to a handover—we can offer you high-profile consultancy services. From our locations in Graz and Köflach, we will lend you professional support in all issues pertaining to taxation and business management, as well as social and labour law.

Diversity in the industry

Around 40 employees use state-of-the-art knowledge to advise companies and institutions of every legal structure and from all economic sectors, in Austria and beyond.

Professional specialisation

The roots of tax consultancy in Graz go back to 1934. Through those years, we’ve developed considerable knowledge in various industrial sectors. Versatility is one of our office’s strong points.

Moreover, our clients can profit from the professional specialisation of our tax consultants, who guarantee quick well-founded answers to complex issues of tax law, as well as social and labour law.

Working method

We measure the quality of our work by the many long-term and confidential relationships we have with our clients. Communication on an equal basis, individual, personal consultancy and effective solutions that bring you closer to your goals set us apart.


As a member of GGI, one of the top ten international accounting, consulting and law firm alliances, we are able to deliver the best possible advice on a global scale. Through GGI we have access to experts around the world who are able to give advice on local regulations, compliance and go-to-market strategies.

Our competence

Tax consultancy

This has remained our core area of expertise for decades. We will advise you in tax matters and represent you before the tax and financial authorities, including during tax litigation. This will be done by a diverse team of experienced tax consultants with different specialist backgrounds.


Your accounting is in good hands with us. Our highly qualified and experienced employees will see to that. They will create reports and analyses tailored to your requirements and will take care of all ongoing reports. They will know your company’s status at all times.

The balance sheet and annual accounts

Are your figures under the line red or black? What does this mean for your company exactly? Looking back on all those numbers gives you a clear image that helps you plan for the future. We make it easy for you to understand by using clear and descriptive terminology.

Payroll accounting

In payroll accounting, small changes in the law can have big effects. Having employees is a great responsibility. We’ll ensure there are no mistakes when it comes to your personnel.

Labour and social security law

Obtaining timely advice will help you avoid high costs and frustrating conflicts later on. Our legal department would be glad to assist you during audits of taxes or other contributions, or if challenges arise pertaining to labour law.

Procedural and financial criminal law

Procedural criminal law is always a challenge for everyone, from novices to experts. As experts in the field, we’ll make our professional knowledge available to you and advocate for your rights.

Corporate consultation and assessment

We analyse, delve into details, find potential, optimise procedures and gather the facts you need to make your company’s decisions. While doing so, we draw upon our know-how in tax and corporate consultancy.

Promotional and financial consultation

We are an ideal solution in the area of financial consultation due to our numerous contacts with possible capital partners and knowledge about the types of financing typical in the industry and market. We also keep up with current trends, risks and conditions that can significantly influence financing.

Expert reports and opinions

Through our sworn and court-certified experts, we can prepare a comprehensibly worded report or advisory opinion. The expert report or opinion will be analysed in a mutual conversation.


Our enthusiasm and unconventional ways of thinking help us gain advantages for our clients in their fast-paced economic life.

Gaedke & Angeringer—your tax consultants in Graz und Köflach!

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