Mission Statement

As a reliable partner, we care for our clients and support them in all their entrepreneurial decisions. We point out opportunities and risks, analyse conditions and work together with them on successful paths for the future. Personal, qualified, comprehensible and creative consulting is a given and therefore for granted and therefore guarantees the economic success of our clients.

Gaedke & Angeringer is PERSONAL.

We focus on people. Our corporate culture is built on a basis of mutual trust and cooperation between the management, our employees and clients. A balanced and harmonious working environment increases mutual trust and strengthens the feeling of community – within the company and in terms of external relations. We work with pleasure and enthusiasm; and as a personal partner we optimize the entrepreneurial success of our clients.

Gaedke & Angeringer is QUALIFIED.

Highest personal and professional competence goes without saying at our company. We work efficiently, discreetly and at the highest professional level. Thanks to continuous training and development, we are perfectly informed about the latest innovations and trends and are therefore able to react quickly to changing conditions on the market. The specific knowledge of our experts and the regular exchange of experiences amongst them make for a collective knowledge from which our clients benefit.

Gaedke & Angeringer is COMPREHENSIBLE.

We don’t use any technical jargon. Complex legal and economic issues are presented in a clear and descriptive way. This is the basis for us to elaborate custom-made concepts. Thanks to our open organisational structure we look at every task from different perspectives and develop success-oriented solutions in collaboration with our clients.

Gaedke & Angeringer is CREATIVE.

Creativity is part of how we work. Our fast-paced business world constantly demands new, comprehensive and creative solutions. We combine expert knowledge from different areas, ranging from entrepreneurial and tax consultation to company presentation. Thanks to our enthusiasm and ability to think outside the box where necessary, we manage to find advantages for our clients in an area which is often highly regulated.