“We’ll recover your money if you overpay your taxes, and we’ll take responsibility for your tax returns!”

Each year, millions of euros go to the government because of employees who fail to file tax returns. Many are intimidated by the complex forms; others simply don’t think about it. Much will improve because of the new worker’s tax assessment, which requires no application. However: Only by filing a tax return can all costs and burdens be considered and all tax allowances taken advantage of.


The following can obligate you to file a tax return:

  • Multiple employment relationships
  • Income from a second job
  • The sale of property
  • Employees with foreign income


Let us perform your worker’s tax assessment. We’ll take over all the processing for you, serve as an interface between you and the tax office, take care of searching data up until we create the tax return that’s best for you and submitting it to the tax office, and then monitor the subsequent notification. We’ll help you save valuable time and gain security. We’ll point out tax advantages (and disadvantages!) that may have escaped your notice in the past.


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Good to know: Tax consultancy fees are fully deductible as special expenses, and will lower your taxes in the year in which you pay them!