Landlords and refranchisers

“Income from renting out businesses or property is subject to special tax regulations.”

When renting out businesses or property, numerous provisions under tax and civil law must be observed. VAT law in this area, with its many legal terms and constant changes, is a difficult legal matter even for experts. Nevertheless, making mistakes in contract drafting, the ongoing tenancy, or a disposal transaction could lead to unpleasant consequences where VAT is concerned.


And then there are the wonderful terms like “Liebhaberei” (a not-for-profit hobby for which you cannot deduct expenses) and “Fruchtgenussrecht” (usufructuary rights).


We’ll tidy things up for you – if not in your residence, in the finances associated with it. When it comes to the “Bauherrenmodell” (property developer model) or conveying your house in an advantageous way where taxes are concerned, we’re right at home!