“We give great advice to newly founded companies.”

A good idea. Innovative, promising, profitable.


Company founders can always benefit from good advice, and not only concerning their finances.

On a practical level, Gaedke & Angeringer will meet you where you are: pushed to your limits while in the throes of your first flash of genius. That’s because innovation fascinates us. So we’ll support you during the startup phase of your new establishment, in all economic and tax issues, with diligence and conscientiousness. Why did no one think of this before?


Consultation – tailored to your needs


Gaedke & Angeringer can advise you for as little as EUR 59 net per month. For this amount, you’ll receive first-class tax consultation, with up-to-date, individual access. If you’re still in the startup phase, our startup team’s customised consultation approach will shape your company even more – and vice versa.