“At Gaedke & Angeringer, your ongoing accounting will be handled by qualified and experienced employees.”

Having complete, timely and professionally organised records of your business activity is more than a legal necessity. All the facts and figures about a company come together in its accounting. It is
a means for monitoring success, a basis for realistic calculations and the foundation of all your corporate decisions.


Whether cash-basis accounting or the balance sheet, the accounting must be adapted to legal requiremnts and a company’s special needs.


Accounting involves labour-intensive peak periods, which is why it’s worth it for small and mid-sized companies to outsource this responsibility. This will allow your corporate structure to remain lean. You’ll save time and money and always have the security of correct bookkeeping.


If you would like to carry out some or all of your own bookkeeping, we’ll advise you in organising your accounting and training your personnel, and will keep you up to date on changes in fiscal and tax law.


With us, you’ll always know where your company stands. And that’s a comforting feeling.