Corporate consultation and assessment

“You’re good at what you do, but the overall economic result is lacking.

We analyse, delve into details, find potential, optimise procedures and gather the facts you need to make your company’s decisions. While doing so, we draw upon our know-how in tax and corporate consultancy.


Controlling & Cost accounting systems

Your company must work with limited resources. This goes for goods and for capital, and especially for working time. And efficient deployment must be shown with figures. We will support you in introducing and using informative controlling and cost accounting systems.


Business plans & Budgets

If you want to start a company, expand your existing company, or wish to know how certain corporate decisions will play out, you need a plan. This will not only give you a well-founded strategic and economic concept, but will also serve as a compass for your success. Together, we will brainstorm your projects, obtain clarity, and express this in realistic figures.


Organisation & Processes

In the corporate world, change is your constant companion. Reacting quickly and effectively to it is a real challenge for organisations and processes. You need to keep costs and time under control and improve quality at the same time.

We will support you in identifying and selecting the processes that need refinement, join you in defining process goals, and help with descriptions, assessment and modelling.


Company valuation

We conduct independent and well-founded valuations of companies and their ownership fractions, thereby strengthening their bargaining power as buyer or seller. Besides being needed in corporate transactions, valuations can also be required due to legal regulations. For example, when an individual enterprise is brought into a corporation, the Reorganisation Tax Act (Umgründungssteuergesetz) demands that the contributed assets have a “positive market value”. This must be verified by a company valuation.