Labour and social security law

Labour and social security law is getting more and more confusing, and the wrong decision can cost you dearly.”

How does the employment contract look?
Which working time model makes the most sense?
How should you proceed when deploying your personnel abroad?
How do you take care of your employees while still getting your money’s worth?


We can give you sound answers to these and other questions.


Our legal department would be glad to assist you during audits of taxes or other contributions, or if challenges arise pertaining to labour law.


We’d be glad to advise you regarding:


  • Employment contracts, including those for the executive board and managing directors
  • Restructuring, transfer of undertakings, or the sale of a company
  • Interpreting collective contracts
  • Downsizing, resignation and dismissal
  • Severance schemes and crisis measures


Obtaining timely advice will help you avoid high costs and frustrating conflicts later on.