Procedural and fiscal criminal law

“We advocate for your rights.”

Procedural criminal law is always a challenge for everyone, from novices to experts. As experts in the field, we’ll make our professional knowledge available to you and advocate for your rights. It involves the entire formal process concerning the fundamentals of company audits and issuing decisions, as well as possibilities for interventions in existing decisions.


We offer the following services:


Procedural law

  • Representation during company audits
  • Representation during deployments of the financial police
  • Appeals of decisions
  • Appeals to the Federal Financial Court and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • Reporting, modifying and repealing of decisions
  • Resuming a concluded procedure
  • Restoring former status
  • Applying for financial facilities, requesting reimbursement
  • Request for leniency regarding taxes
  • Objections to statutes of limitations regarding taxes


Tax litigation

  • Defence in tax litigation proceedings before the administrative penal authority
  • Support during judicial tax litigation
  • Drafting legally compliant voluntary declarations
  • Representation during enforcement measures such as house search or seizure
  • Expert opinions regarding tax litigation (effectiveness of voluntary declaration, determining the amount of reduction, etc.)
  • Explaining the penalty: Intent or negligence
  • Advice on prevention