The balance sheet and annual accounts

“”Besides balancing your accounts based on the regulations of corporate and tax laws, our experts will support you in analyses, thereby creating the conditions for short- and long-term planning.”

Are you doing well? Are your figures under the line red or black? And what does this mean for your company exactly? Looking back on all those numbers gives you a clear image that helps you plan for the future. We make it easy for you to understand by using clear and descriptive terminology.


Our services include in particular:


  • Preparing annual accounts
  • Advice & analyses regarding annual accounts
  • Tax returns
  • Optimising your tax burden
  • Supporting managing directors and executive boards
  • Business management analyses
  • Fulfilling disclosure regulations
  • Assistance and advice during company audits
  • Special balance sheets due to reorganisations, restructuring procedures or corporate liquidations
  • Comparisons within the industry (national and international)
  • Preparing company presentations for banks or general assemblies


Our extensive experience allows as to adapt precisely to your needs.