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Agriculture and forestry

“As a farmer or forester, you’ve planted groves of trees, saved the lives of animals and made the fertile land your life’s work.”

And to thank you, bureaucrats haven’t exactly made your life easy: Your industry is rife with exemption clauses, special provisions and lump-sum consolidations. So that you can devote your entire energies to the land, yoke Gaedke & Partner to the plow.

We’ll show you how you reap the best financial harvest, bring your wine tavern to bloom, and provide you with our expertise even if you practice agriculture or forestry as a sideline.

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Mag. Manuela Ritter, StB


Gaedke & Partner Steuerberatung GmbH Elisabethstraße 46 8010 Graz Styria AT
Mag. Manuela Ritter, StB, Bilanzierung/Beratung, Graz
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