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Annual financial statements and balance sheets

What counts in the end is what remains below the line. The figures on the debit and credit sides need to be correct. We view annual financial statements as more than simply the fulfilment of a tiresome obligation that enables the tax authority to calculate tax. For us, they represent a vital instrument to help companies optimise their decision-making.

We are your partner when it comes to creating informative annual financial statements and balance sheets. From simple cash-basis accounting to annual financial statements as part of mandatory statutory auditing; our specialists create annual financial statements for you in accordance with national and international provisions, with optimum tax planning that makes full use of all available options and with the evaluations individually required by you.

At your request, we can also analyse your annual financial statement, use this to deduce the most important key figures for you and create conclusive industry comparisons on the basis of this data, giving you a clear picture of where your company stands nationally and internationally. Our aim is to make the numbers speak for you so that when you look at your financial statement, you are able to understand everything you need to manage your business.

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