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VAT & ongoing compliance

Are you an entrepreneur who performs services abroad? Do you have foreign customers? Do you supply or transport goods across borders? Do you run an online retail business? Do you form part of international supply chains? Do you have a warehouse outside of the country? Do you make use of other services from foreign entrepreneurs? Do you purchase or import goods from abroad? If you can answer one of these questions with “yes”, you need to consider what value added tax is incurred by these business activities at home and abroad.

We recommend: make the most of the years of experience of our value added tax specialists! We discuss your foreign tax matters with you, evaluate the consequences for your VAT and demonstrate potential solutions for problem cases. For particularly complex situations, upon request we also provide an expert opinion.

For foreign entrepreneurs engaging in taxable transactions in Austria, we are happy to deal with the VAT compliance for you. For companies from non-EU states, we offer the elaboration and submission of applications for input refunds. In the event of disputes in input refund or VAT procedures, we will be happy to support you. Our good relations with the Graz-Stadt tax office, which has special jurisdiction for foreign companies, mean that it is often possible for us to find a rapid, unbureaucratic solution.

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